Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is not just about capturing water for your own use. In combination with modern Renewable Energies technology and appliances it can make an impact on your home's water, heat bills and CO2 emissions.

Harvesting saves the rainwater that would normally run away to a drain and 'grey' water recycling collects the water that comes from washing and bathing. By saving and storing this water it can then be used for watering gardens - irrespective of drought - , flushing toilets, washing clothes or wherever fresh mains water is not required, and through harvesting you can save up to 50% of your household's water use.

Managing the water in your household utilising modern appliances will save both water and your home heat bills.

The majority of most water conservation devices are economical and easy to install. Low flush toilets for instance naturally save money through using less water, nor do they absorb as much of the warmth of a room which means more saving. Aerated showers give you a high quality shower whilst using less water and the less water you use the less you need to heat.

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