How to Repressurise a Heating System with an External Filling Hose

Whilst we make every endeavour to prioritise each and every call, we have introduced this system to ensure we give priority to our regular customers, and to those that have realised the importance of undertaking preventative maintenance by having their appliance serviced regularly.

Our three levels of priority membership are as follows:

Bronze Membership - A priority card for customers who have had their boilers serviced by us for the fi rst time, or have missed a years servicing.

Silver Membership - A priority card for customers who return to us and have their boiler serviced for a second year in a row. This will also entitle you to a 5% reduction in prices (within the following year) for any other works we carry out.

Gold Membership - A priority card for customers who have had their boiler serviced by us at least 3 years in succession. As one of our most loyal customers this card will entitle you to a 10% reduction in prices (within a year) for any other works carried out.

Please note the price reductions are only available for works at the same property where the boiler was serviced)

To make use of your silver and gold discounts please quote your membership level at the time of booking your call.

If you wish to take the cover further, we are able to offer our Heatcare Breakdown and Service Scheme. This not only gives priority care, but you are covered for all parts and labour costs throughout the year for breakdowns on your boiler.

For further information or if you need an estimate please contact us.