Our Heatcare Plan

How Breakdown Insurance works

If your central heating breaks down, simply contact Paynes on 01825 891720. The bill is settled directly on your behalf.

Claim limits:The total claim limit in any one year is £750.00. Anything over this will be chargeable.

Renewable Cover:We have made it easy for you to continue your protection for as long as you wish. After the initial period has expired you can renew the cover annually.

Geographical limits:You can apply for Heatcare provided you are a resident in the UK.


Heatcare Breakdown and Service Insurance is a preventative maintenance scheme, the best method of reducing risks, hence an ANNUAL BOILER SERVICE & INSPECTION IS INCLUDED, so you can rest assured you appliance is working as safely and efficiently as possible.

What would happen if your central heating broke down - coping with no hot water or heating?

You depend on your central heating boiler to heat your home and serve you and your family constant hot water. The loss of this necessity will make a large dent in any family budget, calling out an engineer can cost in excess of £100.00 and the final repair bill could exceed £250.00.

Even the most reliable product can go wrong - which is why it is sold with a manufacturer's guarantee.

What happens when that expires? Is it possible to avoid the expense and inconvenience of unforeseen breakdowns?

Now there is a way to safeguard yourself against costly repair bills - Heatcare Breakdown & Service Insurance - will provide you with cover long after the manufacturers guarantee has ended and PROTECT YOU AGAINST LARGE AND UNEXPECTED REPAIR BILLS.


Boiler and controls only: For conventional central heating boilers (up to 150,000BTU): all boiler components as supplied by the boiler manufacturer and fitted within the boiler casing. Plus the water circulating pump, cylinder thermostat, time control (excluding energy management systems), room thermostats, motorised valve(s) and associated normal working hour's labour charges.

Boiler Haywards Heath

Boiler, controls and system cover: As per above plus easily accessible above ground pipework, radiators, radiator valves (manual and thermostatic), standard indirect cylinder (maximum capacity 140 litres) and expansion tank.

Boiler Service Heathfield


  Boiler & Controls B, C + 10 Rads B, C + 20 Rads
Standard boiler (n/gas) Up to 15 years old £165 £200 £240
Standard boiler (LPG)
Up to 15 years old
£190 £230 £260
Combi / Condensing
boiler up to 8 years old
£230 £280 £330

The rates applying to private dwellings include the cost of one annual service from Paynes Heating & Plumbing Services Ltd and are inclusive of VAT.

A Paynes engineer will undertake a pre-inspection of the boiler system at the initial routine service. Any repairs highlighted at the inspection will need to be carried out prior to cover commencing.


  • o   No bills to pay
  • o   Parts and labour cover
  • o   One annual boiler service and inspection included
  • o   No exclusion for above average use
  • o   Contribution to a new system if beyond economical repair
  • o   No limit to the number of claims (subject to total sum insured)


Although we have identifi ed the cover, we must point out the following circumstances which prevent the acceptance of a claim, to help the certifi cate holder and Payne's Heating to avoid misunderstanding. In general these are circumstances which are not regarded as normal usage or not the responsibility of Payne's Heating & Plumbing Services Ltd.

The cover does not include:

  • o   Adjustments to time and temperature parts.
  • o   The replacement of decorative parts.
  • o   Any defect or inadequacy attributable to the original design of the gas central heating system.
  • o   The fabric of the building or pipework, ductwork and pipework buried in it.
  • o   Any defect or damage occurring from a failure of the public electricity or water damage.
  • o   Accidental damage.
  • o   Manufacturing or installation defects or inherent faults.
  • o   Electric heating element contained within the cylinder/tank.
  • o   A combination or condensing boiler over 8 years old, or a conventional boiler over 15 years of age.
  • o   Loss of use of the boiler or consequential loss of any kind.
  • o   Call out charges where no covered fault is found.


Subject to pre-inspection and approval by a Payne's engineer we will accept cover on standard boilers up to fifteen years old and combination/condensing boilers up to eight years old. This can be extended to include the system.

Your certificate safeguards you against parts and labour costs in the event of breakdown. There are no bills to pay as we normally settle the bills directly on your behalf.

COOLING OFF PERIOD: If for any reason you wish to cancel your certificate within the first 30 days following issue, we will arrange to provide a full refund without deduction provided you surrender your certificate and have not made any claims.


Simply call us 01825 891720 to make an appointment for a Routine Service and Inspection.